Window Cleaning Tips For Glass Windows

Cleaning windows is said to be a tough job with very little to offer. Many people wish for a spotless window. Moreover, it does not take time for the window to be dirty again. Following are some tips to keep your windows sparkling clean.

It is essential to invest your time and money in the right products. A squeegee is the best cleaning tool to clean the hidden areas of the window. It is helpful in cleaning huge areas of glasses, for example, sliding doors. When it comes to washing liquids ammonia bases cleaning works best. This could be made at home, you could add some ammonia and vinegar in a hot water bucket and your cleaning solution is ready.

Don't clean the glasses on hot days as after the cleaning, the glass will dry quickly and there will be water marks on the glass. One should prefer to let the glass itself. Use a hose pipe while cleaning the exteriors of your windows; this way, your window-cleaning job would be less stressful and the stubborn dirt will be washed easily without any difficulty.

Make sure that your cleaning solution is clean or the water being used for the rinsing purpose is not dirty as there is no use in cleaning the window with already dirty cloth or sponge, it would make it messier. Change the bucket water whenever it is necessary. Always dry the window as soon as possible after cleaning it with wet cloth. You don't want it to dry naturally. Dry the window with a dry cloth and always keep it handy as you would need it more often.

A number of people use newspaper for the drying purpose. This would add a much required shine to the glass. If there are small scratches on the glass, you can remove them by using toothpaste. If you are not interested in cleaning the glasses yourself, then you only have two options: either you could hire a professional help or have a self-cleaning glass at your home. Although, hiring a professional for cleaning the glass windows is expensive but it is of immense use.

Self-cleaning glasses are pretty popular these days. They are costly too, but the extra price paid is worth it. We all want a clean window in our home. When our home is dirt free, a stained window ruins the whole impression. Always do the cleaning in one direction, this way there would be no streaks on the window. It is better to remove the dirt from the glass prior to wiping as dirt and water mixed together create more mess.

If the window sill is full of dust, then clean it with a wet cloth that is mixed with alcohol- all the stubborn dirt would be removed very easily.

Window glasses are very sensitive to dust and dirt, so a clean cloth and clear water should be used in window cleaning. Vinegar gives the best results if there are greasy stains on your window glass.